Mobius strip object by Steve Boyce (LazerousVR)


Update 5/18/2014! The Deep Matrix public server has a new IP address of While the standard 1.06 and 1.04 downloads have been updated, a patch for an older client is also available here:  Client IP Address Update

New Deep Matrix version 1.06 as of 5/18/2014! This offers a simple fix for an AWT Choice menu bug and the new Sun Java 7 JVM. Both the complete client/server package or the updated DeepMatrixIP9client.jar are available on the downloads link. Change Log

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What is DeepMatrix?

DeepMatrix is an open-source Java server/client 3D multi-user system capable of both chat and shared events working in conjunction with VRML/X3D browsers. 
Users appear as avatars in a shared 3D scene like the image on the right.

The latest version of DeepMatrix is composed of a Java server and Java standalone-client application. It uses the latest Sun Java Runtime Environment and is designed to work with standalone VRML/X3D viewers that have Java EAI or External SAI capability. Presently, 
it works very well with Instant Player
It also has the potential to work with FreeWRL @
and Xj3D, but only code for FreeWRL has been partially implemented.

A public server is online for people to try out the DeepMatrixIP9 client and put up their worlds. Just follow the download link for the DeepMatrixIP9 zip file and read the "Quick Start" section of its "README.html" to get going.

DeepMatrix was originally developed by a team led by Gerhard Reitmayr from the now-defunct site in the late nineties. The original client was a Java applet developed for the now-obsolete Microsoft Java Virtual Machine and Netscape 4 browser. In 2003 it was released under GPL and now with a new generation of VRML/X3D browsers the client has been reworked into a stand-alone Java application entitled DeepMatrixIP9 with extensive new features.

Some of its many new features include:

Links and Contributors
All copyrights and thanks go to the indiviuals and companies mentioned below for their work that is used in Deep MatrixIP9.
The following two downloads are mandatory to run the DeepMatrixIP9 3D client:
Instant Player Download  The stand-alone 3D client application on which DeepMatrixIP9 was developed around.
You will need the most recent version of Instant Player and not the standard public download. There are several programs available to download. Go into the folder that represents your operating system and choose the one with "Instant_Player" in the name.
Sun Java Download You will need Java version 1.5 or better. It is highly likely you already have Java installed on your system, but just to make sure or to find out which version you have go to a command prompt and type: "java -version" (minus quotes). If you have no wish to modify and compile the DeepMatrixIP source code choose the "JRE" link.
Other open-source code used in DeepMatrixIP9:
J-ZOOM Java ZOOM code gave Instant Player the ability to play mp3 files (and more obscure audio formats as well) when integrated with EAI. See the documentation for more info.
Browser Launcher Browser Launcher code gave Instant Player the ability to launch HTML browsers by other means besides the Anchor Node and served as a replacement for the loadURL call that has been left out of Instant Player.
A few references for developers:
The VRML 2.0 Reference Manual The Holy Bible for VRML developers. The main site with mailing lists, tech info and specifications.
Thyme's Seamless3D Program An open-source program for AvatarStudio2 conversion to H-Anim specification.
World Builders and Developers A site with friendly VRML or X3D developer advice and loads of resources. Spafon's owner Bruce (OMind) Lehmann allowed the use of his "Desolation Outpost" and "Relax" worlds on the public server.
Hermetic Cab's Cyworx A VRML developer's site with great VRML worlds. Hermetic Cab allowed the use of his Prime City world on the public server.
Phillip (Mr.Phillip) Hansel's Site  A developer's site with the novice in mind and links to the World Builders Guild of Cybertown. He allowed the use of his treasure chest in my Desert Treasure Hunt game world.
Woop Woop In 3D A community and collection of worlds with a mystical bent by Alana. Alana allowed the use of "Dreamtime" and "Top of the World"
3D Worlds Peter (Griff) Griffth's site with worlds of a distinctive Canadian/English bent.
He allowed the use of "Craig-Y-Ddinas" and "The Tower" worlds -the latter I retitled as "Griff's Castle."
Xanadu3D Steve (lazerousvr) Boyce's site. Steve contributed the Mobius strip model and support and texture advice.
Virtualhl World Builder Tito's site. Tito contributed "Rimrook's Sunden".
Other Contributors:
Bedrick Studios The new web site of artist and contributer of the "Forest" world Jeffery Bedrick.
U.S. Games System  For the best in Tarot and playing cards. U.S. Games Systems allowed the use of the Tarot of Marseille used in my Seven Emerald Tablets Tarot reading world on the Deep MatrixIP9 public server.
New Avatara Dave Maloney's new site featuring flash avatars for networking sites like Facebook.
Chad (Doctragoz) Sweigert for the spinning globe prize used in the same Desert Treasure Hunt game.
Dennis Mckenzie for the use of "Hell" and "Geometrek's Island ".
The tentacle avatar is an old blaxxun avatar originally created by Lunatic Interactive."
The Sorcerer avatar was made by "Kiwano" for Geometrek.